Week Basket

Below is what we plan will be in your upcoming basket.  Our goal is to create a nutritiously packed and balanced basket.   Each basket will have at least 15 items; 5 fruits, and 10 vegetables.  You are welcome to add any additional items @$1/item to your order including bread, milk, eggs, and cheese.  As much as we try to get this selection,  please note that sometimes we might have unforeseen issues that cause slight changes and substitutions.

 Thursday May 10, 2018  
 6Apples/bag 4Bananas/bunch
3Avocados 4Apples/bag
Watermelon 3Grapefruits/ea
10Natchies 2Avocados/ea
Tsvubvu/bag Strawberries/punnet
 VEGETABLES Grapes/bag
 Cabbage/head 5Carrots/bag
6Carrots/bag  3Cucumber/bag
Parsley/bunch 4Lemon/Lime bag
3Lemons  fresh Parsley/bag
2Garlic glove 3fresh Garlic/bag
Eggplant/bag fresh Ginger/bag
Covo/bunch fresh Turmeric/bag
3Tomatoes 4Sweet Potatoes/bag
Cauliflower Kale/bunch
 500ml Milk *gift item  6Eggs *free range
500ml Milk
 Bread (coming soon)