Live! Natural Fast Food Bar

Experience vibrant health and energy with our super delish NATURAL  NUTRITIOUS Menu.  Call it the Natural Fast Food Bar, a Raw Cafe … we call it all things Healthy!!! …  

Sit in or grab and go our delicious fresh fruit & vegetable Smoothies and Juices.

Breakfast in a Jar

• I’m on the go! … (your customised nix; pick you grain, warm fruit, fruit salad, nuts & seeds, flavour, & nutri-boost)

Smoothie Bowls

• Berry Morning

• Rise & Shine

• Go Green

• Make my day! (your customised mix; pick you grain, fruit, nuts & seeds, flavour, & nutri-boost)

Fruit & Vegetable Smoothies

• Living Classic; Strawberry, Mango, Pineapple, Papaya

• Living Healthy

• Living Passionately

• Living Playfully

• Living like Me! (your customised mix; pick you fruits, vegetables, nuts & seeds, flavour, & nutri-boost)

• Seasonal; Living Cool

Fruit & Vegetable Juices
• Live! (Energize)

• LiveFit! (Work Out)

• LiveYoung (De-Tox)

• LiveStrong (Immune Boost, Inflammation)

• LiveGrateful (Healing)

• Milks; Almond Milk, Cashew Milk, Macadamia Milk

Select from our hot Meal Bowls, Wraps, and Soups.

Meal Bowls

Every bowl comes with vegetables and a salad

• LiveFit! Meal Bowl (your customised mix; pick you grain/protein, warm vegetables, salad, & flavour)

Wraps & Sandwiches

All our wraps are made with rice paper and sandwiches are served on whole wheat bread.

• Chicken 

• Tuna/Salmon 

• Vegetable 

• My wrap my way (your customised mix; pick your protein, salad, nuts & seeds, & flavor)

Soup of the day

We always have a delicious season soup to select each week.

• Grain Soup

• Protein Soup