Order Basket

Please fill order form below (or connect via whatsapp at +263 (77) – 379 – 0130) to place your order for the live! produce basket .  The fields marked in asterisk * are required.  The live! basket is a ready made basket containing selected fruits, vegetables, and other produce.  The basket costs $15 and you are welcome to add any additional items @$1/item to your order including bread, milk, eggs, and cheese – extra items can be added in the additions section.  Take some time to  see what’s in your week basket and any additional items you would like to add.  Your basket will be available for pick up at our @Kadoma Golf Club store location on Thursday between 1pm – 3pm.   Please send your total payment  (including cost of additions) via Ecocash in order to complete your order.  See more about our produce baskets and delivery charges for other areas.  Orders for this basket close on Monday at midnight.  Thank you.

Please enter numbers only - do NOT enter any characters such as - / ( ) $
All added items are $1/ea
Add $15 (if pick up) or $20 (if delivery)+ total additions @ $1/item. For example if you want delivery & added 2 additional items to your order you will write 22 which is $20 + $2. Please enter numbers only - do NOT enter any characters such as - / ( ) $
Type CONFIRMED once you send and receive confirmation for your Ecocash payment to (+263 - (77) - 379 - 0130). *Please note orders will not be delivered until payment has been received.