Basics … Kale

Did you know that cooked Kale contains more iron per ounce than beef?

Kale is the queen of greens, a nutritional powerhouse, low is calories, high in fibre, and has zero fat! It’s high in iron, vitaminK, vitaminC, calcium, and loaded with antioxidants.

1. The classic stewed beef and kale.
2. Stir fried Quinoa/BrownRice/any grain with butternut, and kale
3. Stir fried kale in coconut oil served with grilled chicken
4. Steamed kale with onions and tomatoes served with Mackerel/Sardines
5. Kale chips
6. Add to your smoothly (but very sparingly – maybe 1/2 leaf – dark leafy greens are more nutritionally beneficial cooked).

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