Laci Naturals is a health food store that sells natural foods and groceries … natural, nourishing, energizing, and delicious … as nature intended!  We also have an instore restaurant that serves smoothies, salads, stirfrys – we have raw options, vegan options, and low-fat menu options prepared with our natural and organic local produce. In addition, the store offers a weekly produce basket with a selection of seasonal fruits and vegetables.  Other services include catering and events such as a monthly cooking class.  Laci Naturals … live!


Our vision is to help people live! healthy.  Our mission is to be the leader in providing natural health options to communities.


• Natural Health

Our products and ingredients are all natural and fresh, not processed, preserved, or genetically modified.

• Outstanding Quality

Fresh, fresh, fresh.

• Community

We do what we do because we want to serve.  Our first and preferred choice is to use local suppliers promoting local businesses and economy and organically grown and fair trade practices.  Not only do we offer and promoting natural health and living fit to our communities, we look for ways to be socially responsible supporting organizations and health in the Community.


Easy access to natural and organic local fruits and vegetables for people that want to live healthy.

• Naturally Grown

• Excellent Quality

• Great Selection

• Locally Grown

• Affordable Prices

• Convenient Options


Healthy, Natural, Nourishing, Energizing, and Delicious … as Nature Intended!

• Health Store
• Restaurant

• Fruit & Veggie Baskets

• Catering

• Events