3 ways to use your fruit

1. *Eat whole*
Wash and enjoy!
*Start day with a 1/4slice of grapefruit.

2. *Fruit salad*
Here’s our basic salad recipe: Chop and mix a banana/apple, 1/2 avocado, and one of your
Wk fruits eg 1/4 or 1/2 pineapple depending on serving size. Sprinkle live!’s infamous sweet dressing (honey, orange juice, and cranberries). Garnish with seeds, nuts, and chopped fresh ginger, tumeric, and mint.
*Tips – #1 Go for creating a rainbow with your salads by mixing reds, yellows and greens. #2 add a squeeze of fresh lemon to your cut avo’s before storing in wrap or container.

3. *Smoothie*
Our classic smoothies are made with a blend of 3 fruits (eg banana, avocado, watermelon),3veg (eg kale, cucumber, celery stalk), 3 flavour veg (eg ginger, tumeric, mint), 1 cup coconut water, 1T powerboost (eg vitamins, superfoods, and maca supplements), sprinkled with honey, cranberries, seeds, and nuts.

*Fruit Meal Planning*
We aim to put atleast 6 fruits (3 everyday basics, 1 snack, & 2 wk favs – Red & Yellow) in our Live! Baskets ensuring you have enough fruit for the week. A sample of how we meal plan our fruit; whether we are having a smoothie or salad or enjoying them raw;
Mon, Tue – Red
Wed, Thur – Yellow
Fri – Mixed
Sat, Sun – Snack

Stay tuned for full meal planning article and recipes at lacinaturals.com

*How do you use your fruit? Please share 👇🏾. *

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